A Classic Horror Story

Directors: Roberto De Feo, Paolo Strippoli 

Italian Horror

What It's About

Loosely based on a real Sicilian urban legend, five strangers mysteriously crash their rideshare camper into a tree while trying to avoid a dead animal carcass. Finding themselves inexplicably in the middle of the woods surrounded by forest and no road, they must fight to survive. 

What I Thought

Spoiler-free~ The English dub was done well. The acting was good, particularly the lead actress, Matilda Lutz (Rings 2017, Revenge 2017) who gave a killer performance. I liked the story idea, and being a big fan of Italian horror movies I went in with high expectations that fell short slightly. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it. The story felt a little fragmented, the characters underdeveloped, and the end message wasn’t totally clear.

The Verdict

All in all, a decent watch for horror fans, three out of five. Definitely worth a Sunday (not Saturday night) viewing. There were plenty of intense moments, an unexpected plot twist that became a twist inside of a twist, and a couple of things I didn’t expect.

However, there were A LOT of horror tropes presented all at once. It felt like De Feo and Strippoli found a horror movie checklist and went through ticking off boxes as they filmed. The first half of the movie is better than the second half when you’re not really sure what’s happening. I also expected a little more character development. Why have five strangers from different backgrounds and not explore that a little more? The title would have you believe it’s paying homage to a specific genre or era. I felt some serious Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Midsommar vibes but it’s not really clear what genre of horror this movie is playing homage to, if any. It’s simply a bold title.

That being said, the movie was paced well, technically presented well, and the story was interesting enough to keep me watching. It had some fun moments but I think it could have been scarier and gorier then it was. 

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