Anything For Jackson

Director Justin G. Dyck, Written by Keith Cooper

What It’s About

An elderly couple will do anything for their grandson. Anything. This movie showcases the devastation of grief and guilt. Grandson Jackson tragically died, and in grief, the couple turn to Satanism to bring him back.

What I Thought

This movie does NOT mess around. Within five minutes we have a seemingly normal senior couple going about their morning routine only to stop, noting the time, and suddenly dragging a pregnant woman (Shannon) into their home against her will. Once restrained and gagged, Audrey (Sheila McCarthy) reads from a prepared statement apologizing for the circumstances, explaining they mean her or her unborn child no harm. The prepared statement indicates to us the degree this has been meticulously planned. 

This film, directed by Justin G. Dyck, was not only exceptionally written by Keith Cooper, it's perfectly cast. Julian Richings portrays Dr. Henry Walsh. It's Henry you REALLY feel bad for. His performance garnered him an award for Best Actor at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival. Sheila McCarthy, one of Canada's most honored actors in film, television and stage- was flawless at playing the kindly doting wife and grieving grandmother. You feel a genuine affinity for her. Shannon (the pregnant victim/host) is portrayed by Canadian actress/writer/producer Konstantina Mantelos who nails it. Then we have actor/composer Josh Cruddas who plays the brooding, cringeworthy and sinister Ian, another Satanist in their group. Ian is a fabulous character. Cruddas plays him superbly.

Throughout the film you can't help but feel consistent empathy for both Audrey and Henry. For Audrey's loss, grief and desperation, and Henry; just trying to be a supportive loving husband who will do literally anything for his wife, getting caught in the middle of a horrific situation.

In performing the reverse exorcism ritual incorrectly, the Walshs’ invite some truly frightening entities into their home. As Ian tells them, "Every ghost in purgatory is going to be crawling to find a host". This results in several hauntingly memorable scenes, characters and creatures. There's some truly horrific imagery in this already dark movie that are going to stick with you for a while.

Final Thoughts


Ever lie in your bed at night wondering... What if I look down right now and see a face? A horrendous face? Yeah... It's like THAT. This movie was SO good that I watched it four times trying to find all the intended Easter eggs. I didn't want to miss a thing. It was flawless in its conception, execution, acting, writing and highly deserves recognition. 

Being touted as Canada's response to Hereditary is a lofty standard to live up to but this film delivers. And delivers. And delivers. It’s a film MADE by horror fans FOR horror fans. I would just advise AGAINST watching this movie alone in the dark.

Where To Find It

Shudder, Apple TV, YouTube


Photo: IMDB

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