What’s madness is that the hair they put on Strange got approved… and me crying immediately with Wanda.
I’m an avid horror film fan and Raimi is at the top for horror directors in my opinion. He’s created one of the most beloved franchises, evil dead, and one of the most beloved horror Icons, Ash Williams (hold this thought we’ll be coming back to Ash). If you are not a horror fan well— what about another beloved franchise, Spider Man. Raimi was able to blend his horror roots into his superhero filmmaking with, what I think, is the only way this film could’ve been pulled off. Wanda is one of my personal favorites of the Avengers so going into this knowing she was going to be the villain was a hard pill for me to swallow. Raimi made it so much easier by going about her villainy with campy horror. If you are familiar with Raimi you already know he is talented at walking the line between the ridiculous and the entertaining. He did it again with this film. The horror is comical in tone so it’s not too heavy, but that’s not to say there isn’t any emotion or enough grounding you to care. You have moments that will make you jump, creep you out, but only in a way that will have you laughing at yourself, because again its borderline ridiculous. None of that will keep you from feeling Wanda’s pain, again… I swear to god this better be the last of making Wanda a bad guy. I won’t be able to take anymore. It’s truly hard for me to accept her as a villain or not root for her when I like her more than Strange. Lucky for Strange I love Wong and their “Grumpy Old Men” friendship is endearing. In fact, I care more about that platonic relationship than his relationship with Christine. This whole movie was created in someone or someones mind. Incredible. The creativity and ideas in this movie are impressive. Some of the filmography were signature Raimi, I’m talking the camera getting in the actors faces like its a monster/demon pov— Straight out of Evil Dead. His use of music and sounds to give a horror vibe with lightheartedness. There is a one Strange v. Strange battle that is so cool and weird. I’ve never seen anything like it and perfectly sums up what I’m talking about. I loved this movie and give it 4/5 stars. I worry it won’t land for everyone, but if you love campy horror, and love superhero movies then you might just agree with me on this one. Either way check it out, because one thing is for sure… this movie is one of a kind. Keep your EYES peeled for a Bruce Campbell cameo. ;)
— Justine aka JustineUFF, Podcaster with Let Us In Podcast and DirtyHorror Podcast
A few big surprises that were great, one was pretty much known but not confirmed, Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X, and not known, Reeds Richards played by JOHN KRASINSKI!! I audibly gasped this was so exciting. What could be better than that? Well, they did also bring us Agent Carter as the first avenger, which I didn’t need, and that’s not what’s better… What’s better is that Wanda killed them all, and did so brutally! And my horror heart couldn’t have asked for more. Black bolt makes an appearance and his kill was by far my favorite. Zombie Strange makes an epic appearance on screen in the final battle— whom is now only going to be known as Deadite Strange for me from here on out. He was so funny and delivering inspiring lines with half a face gone… perfect. 
Image: IMDB

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