Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

Director: William Eubank (Signal 2014, Underwater 2020)

What It's About

A young woman decides to document the search for her mother after being abandoned at birth. The journey takes Margot and her crew of two into a remote Amish community looking for answers. We quickly learn this is no ordinary Amish community. 

What I Thought

Not bad. 

No, it doesn’t follow the original story. It’s related in title only. This is an independent story with a similar found-footage style, but it’s not completely found-footage like the others in this series, which was strange. I’ve heard this movie being described as a lower budget version of Midsommar.

The story flows fairly well and the characters are adequately developed for empathy with a little bit of humour. We genuinely want Margot to find her answers and be reunited with her long-lost family. 

The story, although unique and enjoyable, primarily leans heavily on jump scares. A LOT of jump scares. It’s not until the third act of the film, where everything unfolds for the viewer, where it gets bloody and good. Although it doesn’t really feel like a Paranormal Activity film, the story and camera work was still engaging enough to keep me watching. There's some pretty cool camera shots in this one. The final 20 minutes of this film is PURE chaos! Bloody, brutal and frighteningly creepy.

The Verdict

I liked it. 

If you can get past the fact that it doesn’t follow the storylines of the first six PA movies, it’s not TOTALLY found-footage, and see it as it’s own story, it’s actually pretty good. Not sure how they decided this would be part of the PA franchise, but it’s still worth a watch.

3.5/5. I’d even watch it again.

Where to find it

Available on Amazon Prime Video | Paramount+

Photo: IMDB

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