The Advent Calendar < Le Calendrier> (2021)

Director: Patrick Ridremont

France. English Subtitle


What It's About

Eva is a former dancer that’s now a paraplegic. She receives a gift of a mysterious advent calendar. Opening a new door each day results in a different consequence, some positive, others... She has to obey all the rules or she’ll die.

What I Thought

I loved it. I thought it was a fresh idea wrapped up in a grim and unnerving package. It’s like a fever-fueled horror fairy tale. 

The actual Advent Calendar itself is not only a stunning piece to look at, but it’s also terrifying. You’re going to want one for your personal collection. Each time the calendar notifies Eva that it's time to open the next door, it builds an unsettling anticipation as you wait to see what’s going to happen. It is predictable in parts and the writing a tad weak, but the uniqueness of the story itself makes up for the few shortcomings in the film. I really can’t pick this movie apart.

I found myself engrossed and fully invested the entire time, I didn’t want to miss anything. It was well paced, the acting was good, particularly the lead actress, Eugenie Derouand who was captivating as Eva. 

This movie has many layers, it’s not a holiday slasher, it doesn't have an underlying tone of finding the holiday spirit. It’s about grief, it’s about fear, forgiveness, and wish fulfillment. What or who would you be willing to sacrifice for your deepest desires? 

Final Thoughts


If you like demonic-based horror, you’ll probably enjoy this. It has a few gorey bits, at least one scene made me look away. There were a few story inconsistencies/holes, but I still found it a satisfying watch. It maintains a grim creepy vibe throughout, with tones of questionable morality; I actually found it thought-provoking. An entertaining, mildly festive Christmas horror/thriller.

Where To Find It

Shudder / Prime Video

Photo: Shudder

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